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Problems I can help with

Data Benchmarking

Data Benchmarking in SEO helps businesses by offering a structured approach to compare their website's performance against industry standards or direct competitors...

keyword research, Keywords research

Keyword Research

Empower your online presence with our strategic Keyword Research service. At the heart of every successful SEO campaign lies a foundation built on meticulously researched and carefully selected keywords.

SEO Audit

Website Audit

Unlock the full potential of your website with our comprehensive SEO Audit service. Dive deep into the health of your online presence with a meticulous examination conducted by our seasoned SEO experts.

Onpage SEO

Local SEO On-Page Optimization Specialist and Link Building Expert, We'll be a key driver in elevating our clients' online presence and driving organic traffic to their websites.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO really is a marathon, not a sprint. Think of it as nurturing a garden. You're planting seeds (your content) all over the web, watering them (engaging with your audience), and gradually, you'll see your garden flourish (your site's visibility and rankings improve).

Data analysis /reporting

Data Analysis/ Reporting

Monthly reporting complements data analysis by compiling data into a comprehensive report that highlights trends, performance metrics, and areas for improvement.

Robelle Veligaño

SEO specialist

My name is Robelle and I am the SEO specialist.

Greetings! I’m Robelle, a Filipino advocate for expansive SEO tactics with four years of e-commerce and digital marketing expertise.

For me, SEO is about building a strong, long-lasting digital environment for your business, not simply about rankings. My general approach guarantees a thorough growth plan for your online presence by concentrating on everything from user experience and brand awareness to technical SEO and content planning.

I assist companies in thriving in the digital sphere by skillfully incorporating SEO into your entire digital strategy. 

All set for a comprehensive SEO journey? Together, let’s set off on this journey.

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